Thanks to eventiks, we were able to set up resellers and sell tickets easily and fill our venue easily.

Jude Singer

We used to design and print our tickets, which was very time consuming and costly. With eventiks we were able to set up and start to sell tickets within a few minutes

Priya Selvam

Above all the great things to say about eventiks, the live check-in option works so flawlessly that checking in our guests is simply a joy.

Marsha Oluwafemi

We were able to set up and start to sell tickets with no upfront cost... who can beat that?

Lindsay Ronald

This is the app that we were waiting for... why it took this long?

Mohan Yogan

Why didn't I find this app sooner? My life as an event organiser is now much easier thanks to eventiks.

Karthik B.

One app to rule them all!


Event Set up With Custom Ticktets And Pricing

Re-sellers Management

Cash and In-App Payments

Web Integration

Sponsor Promotions

Live Check-In

Detailed Reporting

End to End Encrypted

Why eventiks is better than paper tickets?

eventiks has been designed from the ground up to respond to the shortcomings of paper tickets as well as other ticketing apps such as Eventbrite. Here are some of the advantages of using eventiks for your events.

1Cheaper and better for the environment

With digital tickets, there is no design cost nor printing cost. You can also amend any details such as change of venue or time if needed. What's more, it is better for the environment.

Selling a ticket with eventiks is only a click away. You can sell and accept cash or card payment from anywhere. Tickets detailed can be shared straight from the app.

Avoid lengthy queues and duplications with our state of the art check-in system and track guest turn-out in real-time.

One of the biggest advantages over paper tickets is data. At the end of your event, eventiks will create a detailed report highlighting key data such as tickets sold, fundraised, number of guests checked in and much more. Indispensable data for the future growth of your venture.


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Awesome App

Our goal is to help every event organisers sell tickets, fill venues and run a smooth check-in process.


Our pricing is very competitive and we work on a case by case basis. However, below are some indicative pricing models to help you decide on which eventiks package is right for me.


0 to 250 Tickets

Our small package is ideal for events that have less than 250 tickets


250 to 500 Tickets

Our standard package is suited for events that have 250 to 500 tickets


500 Plus Tickets

Our professional package is specifically designed for larger events


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